Welcome to the Radical Faces of the fashion industry.


We are a Dutch based international exclusive boutique Mother agency for Dutch based female commercial / high fashion/ in-between / and petite Models.

Radical Faces is founded in Februari 2019 after the rebranding of BMMM.

And working form our Radical home office we focus mainly on the international commercial market. Radical Faces works with national and international customers and our models regularly appear on the pages of international (online) fashion magazines. Some of the Dutch brand our models worked for are:
Another Label Amsterdam / Catwalk Junkie / Guts & Gusto / Peony cosmetics / Winkeltje van Lynn / SAPPH Lingerie / Sam Friday.

Some of the international brands our models worked for are:
Adidas / Diesel / Helmut  Lang / Hermes / L’Oreal pro /  Luisaviaroma / Prada / Pinko / Simonetta Ravizza.

Radical Faces has a large network of international agencies that work together on the strategic development and implementation of careers and works with all top Model agencies in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Paris, London, Greece,  and in Germany.

Our vision.

After more than 10 years of experience we have notes that the modelling world is slowly changing. More clients and international big brands have age limits to book a model, starting from 16 years and older or with some clients even from 18 years and older.

Usually your career as a model really starts when you are 17 or 18 years old.We think it is not normal and healthy to put pressure on very young girls of 12/13/14 / and 15 years to lose weight, and to pretend to be adults in photo shoots, which other agencies in the Netherlands still do.

That’s why we think it’s nonsense to scout super young girls. (what all other agencies do in The Netherlands  from 11 or 13 years old)

We do not work with underage models !!

Radical Faces want to do it radically differently.

At Radical Faces, we prefer that our models only start working full-time or part-time from the age of 18. We believe it is important that models at our agency complete high school before entering full-time or part-time modelling work.

On our website, models are not shown by departments, length or sizes. We think all models are the same and must not put in boxes, all models are mixed on our website like High fashion, commercial, in-between, Curve, petite.

We Radical Faces implementing as the first and only agency in The Netherlands the following rules.

* We use a minimum age to start as a model from 18 years old.

* We do not place underage models with foreign agencies.

* The size of the model can not be smaller than size 34. (EU confection size) we do not accept jobs from clients who request models with sizes smaller than size 34.

* Nude and semi-nude during shows and photoshoots for models under the age of 18 is only allowed with an agreement signed by both the model and its legal representative.

* We let the model choose here career, to become a high fashion model that is very strict with the sizes (max 90cm hip) or to become a commercial model and work with less strict sizes.

* We don’t charge anything for signing up with Radical,

*We don’t charge anything for placement on the website.

*We don’t charge anything for  making polaroids and video

These are the standards we implementing to guarantee the well-being of our models.